Frontiers of Data Technologies & Super Science of Astrology – Exactly where Do They Match?

Frontiers of Data Technologies&amp Super Science of Astrology-Exactly where do they match? We all know how considerably IT (Data Technologies) has helped in carrying out calculations for astrology in a couple of seconds as compared to hours taken in the previous. This it has lead to spread of astrology- at least the calculations are there without the need of considerably work! Now have you wondered how astrology could nevertheless be a science – in spite of some 1 searching at the chart primarily based on lagna, or searching on your chart primarily based on moon sign or even sun sign? This is the really cause “”scientists”” declare it as a fraud and a pseudo science. Which it is NOT. It is primarily based on possibility/probability estimate of an occasion to occur- like would marriage occur in 2009, what is the possibility of the identical? Is it 30%, 60% to additional- there is no YES/NO answer as we normally give in sciences. But we do the identical in quantum physics in marketplace prediction/economics computer software- we speak in terms of probabilities and possibility-do not we?

The why is it that astrology is an outcaste? Let us analyze this primarily based on two case research. A) Judgment from different Ascendants- How right is it?: How can it be correct that astrologers choose lagna fro predictions, and some choose moon sign for predictions and some Navamsa-but nevertheless mainly astrology could be treated in the purview of science. 1 of the easy strategies to resolve this enigma is- that to give weight age to each and every way of searching at the chart: Lagna = 50%, Moon = 30%, Navamsa = x% And so on. So even if an astrologer sees marital conflict due to distinction in opinion (Saturn becoming there) primarily based on Lagna only- nevertheless he is pretty protected if Moon sign chart/rasi chart give neutral indications. So primarily what an astrologer is carrying out is assigning diverse weights to diverse charts and then drawing a judgment.

This is really considerably performed in sciences as nicely- the most of the intelligent systems take into account for this, so we can see how modern day IT does connect to astrology. Fuzziness indicates- 1 can’t say that YES or NO, exactly where YES=1 and NO= . You could have in-amongst worth like .four. So if lagan says fights on the marital front, but rasi says no- 1 could say the possibility of fights is 50%. That is most of the time you are friendly but there could be occasions of intense fights. The intensity time frame would be predicted primarily based on dasha or transits. B) Idea of Excellent and Undesirable Astrologer? Have you ever wondered why there is a idea of excellent, terrible or far better astrologer? Let us discover the identical? Let us analyze the above kundli, exactly where mars maha dasha is ON, active, and let us see how astrologers of diverse insights could possibly view it. Case 1= Typical Astrologer: Now an typical astrologer would say – Your Mars is averagely placed in Virgo and mars becoming a organic malefic/terrible planet, so fights in common could be there, as it is in 2nd property so complications in profession(2nd property has an indirect bearing on profession).

Case two = Medium astrologer If and astrologer goes deeper, say a far better astrologer, he would additional add worth and say Rahu is in rashi of mars, therefore it would give its power as nicely: So the reading could get modified to , fights would be there and would be of sudden nature(due to rahu),complications in profession- considerably additional complications in profession and obstacles- that would be of a sudden nature(Rahu effects taken up) Case three: Much better astrologer: Now a nevertheless far better astrologer would say, that considering the fact that Rahu gets power from Saturn in 7th property(3rd complete aspect), so count on fights, resulting in coldness, common complications/coldness in profession- considerably additional complications/delay in profession and obstacles and that also all of a sudden( so this way we have incorporated the effects of Saturn as nicely). 1 could go on adding additional and additional worth to the readings based on the astrologer’s understanding/talent base. In any of the above circumstances- is any astrologer lying or not telling the truth?

No not genuinely- all are fine and could be accommodated, with conclusions offered beneath. C) Conclusion: So we notice as we add additional and additional data/understanding is added to the prediction the far better the predictions come to be. Also you can see that none of the above astrologer case 1 to case three is Incorrect. But the some 1 is fairly far better than other individuals. Just like an economist is far better than other- no 1 can accurately predict the markets. Also at the identical time – we can conclude the additional ideal understanding an astrologer has far better the prediction. So in astrology 1 can’t make YES or NO assertion, 1 can only predict the probabilities, which matches with the law of karma. So frontier of IT- the fuzzy systems/quantum computing. Also there is No YES or NO, they are some exactly where in-amongst say yes= 1. and No = , but any fuzzy system9Like economy, astrology, sociology) could be .five or .75 and so forth.

As we discussed Astrology is considerably additional complicated than financial systems searching at it prime facie with really complicated and non linear components in it. So it requires considerably larger procedures like IT to resolve the mystery, than saying it is defunct or tends to make not “”scientific sense””. So may perhaps be a physicians may perhaps say soon after examining a patient tone form of medicine, but when systems really complicated like astrology are concerned – there is bound to be subjectivity. So may perhaps be on astrologer would attempt to strengthen the lord of marriage the other globe attempt to do a thing diverse. Also the judgment of the property of marriage would differ some what based on astrologer’s practical experience (evaluate it closely with financial systems) So does subjectivity imply it is unscientific? NO. Excellent Luck and do not be afraid of any pseudo scientist telling you…