Stagecoach Drivers and Their Whips


Not Anyone could control a stagecoach. The stagecoach driver was held in larger esteem when about the summit from the Sierra than was the millionaire statesman who could possibly be Driving beside him.

Although most phase motorists ended up sober, no less than though on duty, nearly all had been keen on an occasional “eye opener.” A very good driver was the captain of his craft. He was feared by his timid travellers, awed by steady boys, and was the trusty agent of his employer.

The seat beside the motive force, weather conditions allowing, was the popular seat with the Adult men travellers. But this was one particular seat that was reserved, and it was not gotten by simply remaining the main to hop around the left entrance wheel rim and climbing in to the box.

If the motive force did not want the person who took the seat there, he would firmly buy him down, after which you can benefit from the passenger’s discomfiture for the following 10 miles.

To sit down in the driving force’s seat, 1 proceeded greatly from the way of securing an appointment to a higher office. He went on the supply of authority–over the driving force himself–to the superintendent and in some cases into the president of the corporation.

Charlie Parkhurst was one of several extra skillful stagecoach motorists, don’t just in California, but throughout the west. He was variously referred to as “Just one-eyed” or “Cockeyed” Charlie, mainly because he had dropped an eye when kicked by a horse. For twenty years, he drove stagecoach in California.
2 times Charlie was held up. The very first time, he was forced to toss down his strongbox for the reason that he was unarmed. The next time, he was organized.

Any time a street agent purchased the stage to halt and commanded Charlie to throw down its strongbox, Parkhurst leveled a shotgun blast into the chest of the outlaw, whipped his horses into a comprehensive gallop, and left the bandit during the street.

One-eyed Charlie was known as one of several hardest, roughest, and essentially the most daring of stagecoach drivers. Like most motorists, he was happy with his skill inside the extremely tricky occupation as “whip.” Right dealing with with the horses and the great coaches was an art that necessary A great deal apply, expertise, and never the least, bravery.

Whips received superior salaries with the periods, in some cases as much as $a hundred twenty five per month, as well as place and board.

“How on the globe can you see your way by means of this dust?” a single passenger questioned Charlie.

“Smell it. Reality is,” Charlie replied, “I’ve traveled more than these mountains so normally I can inform exactly where the highway is with the seem in the wheels. Every time they rattle, I’m on hard ground; when they do not rattle I gen’r’lly look in excess of the aspect to determine where by she’s agoing.”

But, very little was truly recognised about Charlie Parkhurst ahead of or just after he arrived to California. It was not till his overall body was prepared for burial that his accurate key was learned.

Charlotte “Charlie” Parkhurst was a girl. A person physician claimed that at some time in her daily life, she had been a mom.

Unknowingly, Parkhurst could declare a national 1st. Just after voting on Election Day, November three, 1868, Charlie was in all probability the main female to Solid a ballot in any election. It was not until eventually 52 years later on that the correct to vote was guaranteed to Women of all ages via the nineteenth amendment.

All stagecoach motorists, which includes Charlie, deemed their whips really worth their weight in gold. Drivers considered their whips a badge of honor.

Some drivers would as shortly be caught devoid of their trousers as without having their whips. A lot of the whips used by the stage drivers were being fantastic works of art, normally ornamented with handcrafted silver ferules girdling a tackle fabricated from hickory. Many of these whips are prized museum pieces right now.

Whips ended up never sold, loaned, borrowed, or traded. In his e-book, “Stagecoach Days in Santa Barbara County, Walker A. Tompkins wrote, “Whips had been regarded a Component of the motive force, who retained the lashes very well-oiled and as pliable as “a snake in the Solar.”

Most stagecoach whips had buckskin lashes, normally from 11 to twelve ft in length, hooked up to the five-foot hickory shaft. The lashes had been ten feet too quick to get to the lead team, which was managed by reining.

Some unusual drivers did have a “six-horse whip” with a 22-foot lash, but these were predominantly for circus and rodeo appearances, and considered far too unwieldy for functional use.

The driver took his whip with him when off obligation, and usually hung it up. He never rested it in a very corner for concern of warping the inventory. Neither did he wrap the lash around the cope with for worry of curling the thongs.

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